Buy A Business

  • Free confidential consultation
  • Extensive database of companies for sale
  • Nationwide network of business associates
  • Provide forms such as non-disclosure agreements, personal financial statements, and buyer profiles to identify your preferences in business
  • You will receive detailed information about the business for your review
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  • On-site visits may be arranged after hours
  • Information about the business is provided electronically

Questions from the buyer:

  • How do buyers find a suitable business for sale since most businesses are not advertised?
  • How do buyers get the necessary information in making the buying decision?
  • Who will assist the buyer and seller through the closing process?

We Will Discuss:

  • Your business interests, including your preference and location
  • Alternative opportunities available to you
  • Your financial commitment for the acquisition of a business
  • Our searching and matching service within our networks
  • Procedures to follow in making an offer and the process of “Due-Diligence” before closing the transaction

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